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 December 12th 2007

I have moved to my own website, which my DH has built with great interest, trying to keep the same theme as the blog.

New Website

New Features

  • Rating of recipes and commenting
  • User contribution of recipes (to be added soon)
  • A request page where people can request recipes (to be added soon)
  • If any more ideas come by i will try to get them in as well

December 4th 2007

The past weekend has been so hectic with so many chaat preparations. But havae had not had enough time to get the recipes together and put it up. This week was a hectic start, with going to the school which my older one is in for some sports practice. So overall, the kids have been moving me around, that the recipes to be uploaded and shared have taken a back seat.

I wanted to thank all those who are visiting and commenting on the recipes. I hope that you get the desired taste that you imagined. I am working on creating my own site, which will be up in 1 months time, where commenting will get easier by just giving ratings for the recipes. I also hope to add something for users to contribute a recipe as well, with more on a health section

See you in a few more days, till I get to collect myself and my thoughts.

November 29th 2007

Hmm.. sudden thought when i started reviewing the cooking times. I had to mention this again, as the cooking times i have mentioned in the recipes are what an average cook would take, based on the type of cooking method he used. I pressure cook all my vegetables, so the cooking times are much less that what i have mentioned. So the times I have mentioned are for the non pressure cooked food. So friends, in case you do the pressure cooking method and you say “Ah.. i took much less time, please do care to comment on such recipes as it will help the onlooker”.

Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts. As this will help you get cooking faster.

If you have any questions on any recipes are need any more recipes, please do make requests or comment in my Musings section

November 22nd 2007

The day has started, finished with lunch, did manage to take photos of Avial, which i made for lunch today. The weekend I will be going to Kolkata for a wedding, so my musings and recipes writing will take a back seat. I am looking forward this break.

Need to pack and get the kids travel food ready as well. Musing on that, tells me I should write a section for interesting kiddie food starting from baby food to older ones.

November 21st 2007

Adi, your recipes are ready with photos, will get them up by the end of today. I did Aloo Poha for breakfast and ofcourse both my kids gobbled them up. Its such a sumptuous breakfast that it can keep my older son going through his school.

I hope by the end of today, I can get the recipes that I have kept pending for about 30 days up in the site. They have been going down the pile. Need to put quicker 30 minute recipes as well. I wonder, has 30 got me slower!

All are asleep and its late in the night. As I am getting deeper into dissecting the recipes, i am wondering how deep should I go in describing details on a recipe. Too much will seem too elaborate and too little will seem as if the recipe is boring. Keeping the time and recipe short, plus making the photo look great, and getting the taste and ingredients exact is an act of a chef and a photographer.

When I am in the kitchen, my hands work super fast, i chop, whisk, stir and serve in less than 30 minutes to make an entire meal with a vegetable, a dal,phulka’s and rice. Amazing huh, i wonder how long thats going to last. Now due to this blog, i am dissecting each recipe to enable you- the public to get the recipe taste right just like i do, but it will take you a little longer – the time that i have mentioned in each recipe.

Happy Cooking! Its time for me to retire for a fresh start next day, when again I will muse what I will cook for you.

November 20th 2007

Today I was constantly juggling between attending to my younger son, getting to get the house in order and at the same time thinking what I am going to do for dinner. In between this, my thoughts were racing on the photos i need to take and the recipes I need to add.

I noticed a comment by Aditya, that preparation times for recipes could be made shorter by giving faster and alternative cooking suggestions. I mused on this. How could I in this simple blog template describe an elaborate process and also give an alternate short process.Well, I hope I can achieve this for some recipes. Hold on for somemore time Aditya, till i try to switch my mind for making food in a jiffy. I will try to add a section like Rachel Ray “30 minute meals” . (laughter…)
One suggestion, cooking is an experimental science. So if you know some method to make a cooking process shorter, please do comment on my site or email me the same. With time, when I move on to my own website site, i will incorporate an area where people can contribute recipes, ratings and suggestions as well.

I have tried to use cooking methods, which people from all over the world, with basic cooking utensils can prepare food. Indians who prepare similar food, might notice certain elaborate cooking methods which can seem boring and lengthy.

So hang on, i will also introduced traditional indian methods like pressure cooking, alternative tinned food methods in the recipes to come.

I will wind up now and start working on my recipes before my two little brats wake up from their afternoon nap.

3 Responses

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