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ArchanaCooking has been my passion since I was a child. My mother always used to drag me to the kitchen to help her around. Over the years, being a wife, mother and a home maker, the kitchen has become the place where i sneak into to get some solitude. Cooking helps me gather my thoughts. In short, cooking is my meditation mantra.

Through this blog, I am imparting the “gyan” (knowledge) that I have acquired through my musings with food. I hope you enjoy reading, cooking, eating and savoring all the recipes on this blog.

38 Responses

  1. Love the site. Fantastic recipes. Cool chef.

  2. Archana, great recipes, nice effort. I promise to be a regular on this site.

  3. Archana,

    I am really proud of you. With two little children you find the time for writing receipes. Amazing! May God fulfill all your wishes.

  4. I know that my granddaughter is very capable. The site is too good. Fantastic receipes and I am going to try them out.


  5. Hi Arch,

    Amazing that you could write so many recipes and make it simple enuf for beginners like me.

    i am surely going to try all of them…keep writing in…

  6. Hi Arch,

    Your recipes looks great…. Have to try them…. Always needed some good veg receipes.


  7. Great website and excellent content…just what I need in my endeavor to cook! Thanks Arch : )

  8. Great site Archana!! I have not really looked at all but love what I have seen. I have not seen you for awhile, but now that I am seeing your picture here, I know both yours and Radesh’s smile is identical!!

    Love to all
    Bhagya akka

  9. Good to see your food blog. I am definitely going to be a regular visitor here. Really great recipes, will be trying them one by one this week.
    Regards to all at home ,
    Love, Sylvia.

  10. The blog is very well laid out and easy to navigate.
    This will definitely become our top recipe lookup site.

    Looking forward to any
    – Gujarati/South Indian recipes (daal/sambhar at the top) Any chance of recipe of home made sambhar powder 🙂 I know every south indian family has a secret recipe.

    – more snacks(especially ‘street food’ like Daabeli,etc. ) That’s what I miss the most.
    – Breakfast items
    poha, upma, etc ..

    Alternate preparations
    Some recipes have long preparation times. It would be good to have alternate preparations which use off the shelf items. It would also help if there could be a section on cutting down preparation time, any short cuts which experienced cooks take(like telling Rutvik to do all the preparations). I love to cook from scratch but sometimes everybody gets lazy and needs that moong daal chilla in half an hour.

    ArchanasKitchen YouTube Channel
    If you have the time to put together cooking videos that would be great to have a link to a archanaskitchen channel on youtube. Lot more work than putting together a blog but some things in cooking are easier learnt by watching the cook in action. For example I just started grilling on a coal barbecue this last summer and even though it is a simple way to cook I became comfortable only after watching some videos online.

    Will be waiting for more recipes. Keep blogging.


  11. Archana,

    I am excited about this web site because I know you are a great cook.

    I do look forward to some gujarati recipes in the near future.


  12. Hi Archana,

    This is really great. Nice to see your creativity secrets being shared…….Everything looks yummy…….. I still remember your cooking……….I will definitely try your recipes sometime……….Good luck to you !


  13. HI Archie,

    Great recipies,, Will definetly try them and let you know. It looks yummy..
    very good site..

    Good luck to you!!!!

  14. hi
    great site…….
    i would love to see more baking recipies tho- i just never seem to bake right:)

  15. Unbelievable!!! I loved all the recipes, I can’t wait to try them. The photos are so professional and so is the writing. Fantastic job! I’m glad you’re doing this, now I can get your recipes online! Please post your Gujrathi dal, I’m really craving some…

  16. Congratulations. Excellent job. Very good website, enjoyed it. Very interesting recipes. Daksha will now try many of your recipes. Hope you will publish all your recipes in the form of a book that people can buy.
    Love from Suresh Kaka, Kuwait.

  17. Archana this is great. I can now try out many recipes I was not confident about… Carry on the good work for people like us!

  18. Archana great job.Really its very nice.Best of luck

  19. Hi Archana

    It is an excellent site. Not only are you an amazing cook but also an amazing IT person. I still remember the south indian food I had at your place…yummy….now i will pick up those recipes from your site 🙂


  20. I’m constantly trying to figure out what to do with what’s avail in season in India… cool to see all your recipes!

  21. Hi Archana,
    It was really exciting to share your recipes. I have tried out some of them and found to be excellent. I will certainly try some of them in coming days. Now I expect more of such from you. Keep it up.

  22. Hi Archana,
    This is Arti(Sapan’s wife fonty) here…Really pleased with all the efforts u have taken to share ur knowledge with everyone..keep it up will definitely try ur receipes n let u know…

  23. Hi archana,

    I am interested to know how to cook mushroom pickles. if you know to cook Mushroom pickle, please help us to teach some poor people to earn a living.


  24. Hello Archana,

    Your recipes are inspirational.

    Please continue.

    I have a question – in UK when we read recipes for cooking Basmati rice, they always advocate soaking the rice and washing repeatedly, until the water is clear of starch before the eventual boiling and simmering.

    I understand that in many parts of India, water is scarce, so is this the way that Basmati rice is truly cooked ?



  25. Hi David, Thank you for the warm comments. Rice is liked in different forms even in india. In the north of India where people are more of bread eaters, they typically remove the starch from the rice before and even after cooking it. While in the South of India, where rice is a staple, the starch in the rice is retained and we don’t drain out the water. Rice is just washed to remove any superficial dust and particles like we do for the vegetables. I hope this clears your doubts. Again Keep visiting.

  26. dear sir,
    i am safiqul islam hera .i am bangladeshi chef having international qualification and long term work experience in indian cuisine.i am interested to work in your company.i attach my cv with this mail.please consider my case.

  27. Hi Ms.Archana,

    I am a student studying in Pune. I found your blog quite interesting. As we all friends are staying alone down here, (hostel) we keep on experimenting with quick foods. = )

    I would like to request you to pull out a recipe of a dish i once had in Surat, Gujarat. Its street food. They call it an Australian Omellete.

    It involves making a gravy out of boiled egg yolks and pouring it over a previously half fried egg. It tastes awesome. I hope you can publish it soon .

    Thankyou ….keep up the great work going…me and all my friends are eagerly waiting….


  28. 1st September 2009
    Dear Madam
    I am a Bangladeshi chef,having occopation related international qualification IVQ Level 2 from City & Guilds London UK(Through Dhaka British Council) and long term work experience 9 years continue in Asian & Western Cuisine,Specialy in Indian cuisine.I am interested to work in your company.How can I apply ? Please consider my case.Thanks
    Safiqul Islam Hera

  29. hi archna
    really u r gr8 i always get the website of urs i am so fond up cooking .ur site is so good. i try your receipes but i cant make like u .keep it up.

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  33. […] You can visit Archana’s Cooking Blog here and the old one here on wordpress ( well, I don’t think the blogger.com blog in the ad was for real …. ) and this is Archana. […]

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  35. […] 这是根据一段真人真事改编的,Archana的原始烹饪博客在这里,后来搬到了这里,如果你想了解Archana到底是谁,也可以围观。 […]

  36. Hi Archana, I am doing a study on the online space. Need your views on this.

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